CutList Plus  v.12.0

CutList Plus is a handy tool for carpenters and builders that allows them to design cutting drawings and work more efficiently.

CutList Plus fx  v.12.0.16

CutList Plus woodworking software lets you quickly generate optimized sheet layouts that make the most efficient use of your plywood panels and lumber. Calculate exactly how much material to buy for your project, and what it will cost.


Astra R-Nesting  v.5.6

Astra R-Nesting - rectangular nesting software. Tools found in this software enable users to: automatically and manually nesting, calculate offcuts, print reports and labels, output cutting layouts to CNC saws.

Plus 2D - Wood  v.8.0

PLUS 2D Wood is our new panel optimization software for generating optimized cutting plans from your cutlists and maximizing your panel yields.

Plus 1D  v.7 77

PLUS 1D is a Bar Nesting (multing) optimization software, which helps reduce the waste in cutting any 1D (lineal) material like pipe, bar, angles, sections, flange, rod, tube, channel, frame, profiles, extrusions etc.

Comskip  v.0.80.039

Comskip is a free mpeg commercial detector. It is a windows console software that reads a mpeg file and analyses the content based on a large amount of configurable parameters.

CutMaster2D Pro  v.

Raise your productivity and professional level of service using the latest optimization technology!

Barnest  v.8

Bar Nest is specifically designed for creating cut lists of bar stock sorting them to reduce scrap to a minimum.

Sibliminator  v.1.0

the sibliminator is a unique utility which adds functionality to Digidesign Pro Tools.

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